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Leaf PHP 1.2.0 Create clean, simple but powerful web applications and APIs quickly.

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Quickly Create PHP Projects

Leaf is a PHP micro-framework which helps you create web applications and APIs from the ground up in minutes.

Structured PHP

PHP is a free language, a language with only a handful of rules.

This freedom gives rise to a lot of problems for developers since there's usually many ways to achieve the same thing.

Leaf gives you a particular structure to follow whiles maintaining PHP's freedom.

Simple PHP methods

Leaf PHP provides you with very simple methods to handle various situations.

With a clean structure and simple code, it's super easy to master Leaf's API.

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Clean, Fast, Reliable

Leaf PHP uses only components written by leaf in raw, tested PHP.

This means that in terms of performance, Leaf is the fastest PHP framework.

Leaf also uses clean, minimal code to achieve complex results.

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