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Leaf PHP v1.4.2 Create clean, simple but powerful web applications and APIs quickly.

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Quickly Create PHP Projects

Leaf is a PHP micro-framework which helps you create web applications and APIs from the ground up in minutes.

What's new in v1.4.2

Leaf FileSystem

This is a simple functionality inspired by node js' FileSystem(fs) module. Leaf FS aims to make directory and file management much simpler than what you're currently used to, so as to speed up and ease the dev process.😊👌😎

Leaf FS allows you to read/write to file, create, rename, copy and paste files/directories all with just a few lines of code. All this is performed while maintaining Leaf's simplicity.

View Leaf FS' docs here

More Handy Session Methods

Leaf comes with more methods attached to the session object, which generally make session management much easier and smoother.

With Leaf session, you can create, reset and delete sessions, add, remove and return session variables.
View session docs

Leaf Token

This is a simple token authentication system available in v1.4.2 upwards. This is a token authentication for people who do no want to use the already supported JWT token methods supported in Leaf.

Currently, it is not as secure as JWT, therefore we do not recommend it for anything but personal projects, however, it is under constant development and will receive upgrades in almost every version of Leaf.

View Token docs

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