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Leaf PHP v1.4.1 Create clean, simple but powerful web applications and APIs quickly.

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Quickly Create PHP Projects

Leaf is a PHP micro-framework which helps you create web applications and APIs from the ground up in minutes.

What's new in v1.4.1

Leaf Veins

Leaf Veins is the official templating engine for Leaf. Until now, it has been it's own seperate package, but now, it's been added to Leaf PHP.

Veins are easy and simpler to use than other PHP templating engines with it's cleaner and much more compact syntax.

Veins not only offers simple templating, but also a nicer and more elegant way to move data into views.

View Veins docs

Leaf Core Controller

A base controller that you can use in your Leaf app to qquickly create a controller of your own.

This base controller comes in 2 forms: The API base controller and the regular base controller.

They have been customised for API and web app/site projects, you just need to extend our base controller to get started.

View Controller docs

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